Mazaya products are formulated from a variety of cosmetic raw materials and are guaranteed free from “Haram” contents and goes through various stages of excellent CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 22716:2007, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007, as well as the use of automatic & hygienic machines.  
Mazaya products have many advantages such as in the form of dosage; for example: Aqua drop creams, a formulation of a blend of cream and gel, using an active ingredients that are safe and world-class.

Biomimetic Peptide Anti -aging
Anti - aging products used in Mazaya are “Biomimetic Peptides“ such as Argireline® , Syn-Ake® , Syn-Coll®, Eyeseryl® and others, where these materials have been used in world-class cosmetic products.

Whitening Agent
Bleach or whitening agent of Mazaya gives effect to brighten the skin quickly WITHOUT containing hazardous materials such as mercury (mercury) and hydroquinone. The active ingredients used are Deoxyarbutin, Albatin, and Clair Blanche-II (combined seven active ingredient of bleach).

Anti Acne
We offer products with the latest innovations from the combination of LHA and BHA. Other materials used were PHA and K2 Glycyrrhizinate as anti- acne agents to treat acne prone skin; helps prevent pimples and blackheads and reduce oil on the face.

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